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Big big companies distribute their products to the people in order to promote and spread their work more in our country. After that people start selling the product of that company because the same big companies can not go everywhere themselves Neither can publicity, that is why by opening a branch in its name everywhere, it gives distributorship of products to the people, so that the promotion of that company is done very well, this process is also done in convocation doors, for this convocation doors all over the country. Is giving distributorship so that people can easily get the goods of Convocation Doors. Distributors are directly associated with the company, they work as agents of the company.

In today's era, Dikshant Doors has been increasing its production rapidly, if you want to take a franchise, dealership or distributorship of Dikshant Doors, then you will have a great advantage in terms of business, Dikshant Doors is also selling its products online.

Door Frames


Teak Wood Door

Water Proof & Laminated Door

Membrane Door

Pinewood Door

Everyone knows very well that when we take distributorship of a company, then it is necessary for us to have a shop, only then we will be able to get distributorship.
For Franchisee, you can start with at least 30000.
For Distributorship can start from 50000.
For dealerships can start from as low as 100000.

There is a very easy way to take the Franchisee / Distributorship / Dealership of Dikshant Doors, for this you can apply online by visiting the official website of Dikshant Enterprises, whatever details have to be filled in it, you can apply online by filling the form with correct information.
We also work to provide customer to all Frenchisers / Dealers / Distributors.


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